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​​Our services are very accessible, more than affordable and allow you to spend more time on what you like most. You can also benefit from a flexible schedule and our approach focused on your specific needs.

We understand that every family has a different lifestyle situation. That's why it's important for us to provide unique and personalized care based on the preferences of our customers. We offer the opportunity of choosing from a range of services based on what is essential for you and your family. We offer a tailored-made solutions to any specific situation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE !

At hiring, we provide in-house training and to our employees in order to raise awareness of Golden Angel Services values. We insist on the fact that the needs of our beneficiaries may change depending on their situation. We ensure that each employee has all the formations and resources needed to intervene promptly when required. Our attendants are trained to help seniors according to their specific needs and to ensure continuous assistance.

Furthermore, we are supported by an extraordinary, dynamic and genuine team who always have the client’s well-being at heart.

Golden Angel Services is an alternative resource to the Quebec government health and social services system. We make a positive impact on the quality of life of our beneficiaries by prioritizing their well-being and safety at home.

Our mission is to offer help and support in order to enable you to stay in the comfort of your home while providing you with the peace of mind.

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We give you the stability you need by always sending you the same attendant. This way, we allow you to build a lasting relationship with the attendant who will be assigned to you according to your preferences and affinities.

We offer the best quality at the most competitive rates, with no minimum hours required per week. 

We understand that your needs may change over time. You can change or stop your homecare plan at any time.

Why choose us?

Domestic services

Golden Angel house maintenance services allows you to live in a clean and organized environment. Our trustworthy staff can do everything you need. 

Household maintenance  

​Our cleaning services include : ​

  • Removing dust

  • ​Sweep and mop floors
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing dishes
  • Laundry
  • Folding and ironing clothes
  • Changing bed sheets
  • Dusting
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Washing counters and cabinets
  • Take out the garbage
  • Furnaces maintenance
  • Washing windows inside and outside
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Stove cleaning
  • Small appliance maintenance

* We also offer to take care of your pets if needed.

Meal preparation

Our services include assistance for planning and preparing healthy meals at your home. We can help you cook nutritious meals according to your preferences. 

Help with shopping and groceries

Need a reliable person to buy what you need? Call Golden Angel Services for assistance!

Exemples of several tasks we can do for you :

  • Grocery store shopping
  • Go get your prescriptions at the pharmacy
  • Post office mail and package delivery service
  • Banking transactions at your financial institute
  • Find a gift for a loved one 

* Many other services are available as well. You can go to the "everyday services" section for more information.                                                                                                                             


You want to decorate your balcony with a beautiful flower box or seeding your lawn, but you do not have the time or the energy to do so? We can enhance your property by taking care of your landscaping.

Snow removal

We can shovel and clear your pedestrian entrances during winter. This way, we want to ensure your safety at all times.

Our Services​


Financial assistance

 514 . 375 . 5333

Selection of our employees

When recruiting, we verify that our candidates have all the certifications required to work with our elderly clientele. We also ensure that our employees have the essential qualities such as patience, resourcefulness, responsiveness, empathy and, above all, the desire to help others. Kindness is the keyword !

Specialized services

At Golden Angel Services, we have developed a personal approach to provide aid to our beneficiaries. Through this unique approach, we support families and help them manage the changes that may occur. Our goal is to enable seniors to stay in the comfort of their home by giving them the personalized care they require.

Help with transfers and mobility

Our employees will assist you safely in your every day mobility needs. Whether you need support to move around your home or outside, we're here to help. Golden Angel Services ensures to provide the best personalized care available to meet the specific needs of each and everyone of our beneficiaries.

Personal hygiene and bathing assistance

For people with reduced mobility, bathing, dressing or personal hygiene simple tasks can represent daily challenges. Golden Angel Services attendants will ensure your well-being during the toiletry process.

Post-operative and convalescence care

We can offer rehabilitation assistance after a medical procedure. We wish to facilitate your recovery from surgery in the comfort of your home.

Assistance in health care facilities

Our staff can offer various services to your relatives to complement the services provided by a private retirement home or even one of the regular health institutions such as the hospitals, CHSLD, rehabilitation centres, nursing home, etc. You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one receives the necessary assistance.

Alzheimer care

There is nothing more reassuring than being home. Indeed, research has shown that for a person suffering from a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's, remaining in a familiar environment helps to overcome the difficulties associated with memory loss. The well-being and safety of our beneficiaries is our priority !

Parkinson care

We know that it can be very demanding for a caregiver to ensure the well-being of a person who is suffering from the Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, we offer specialized assistance to help your loved ones in the comfort of their home. At the same time, we aim to support the caregivers.

Palliative care

Golden Angel Services offers tailored-made care to your unique needs so you can spend quality time with your loved one during these last precious moments. Our qualified empathetic employees will relieve you by providing you with the support you need. Throughout this difficult process, we will enable your loved one to remain in the comfort of home with dignity.

Welcome !


Golden Angel Services provide a high-quality service to young retirees, seniors and elderly people in need of specialized home care. We also offer support to the families of our clients. 

Financial assistance offered by the government :

Call us now at (514) 375-5333 or submit an online request for an appointment with one of the Golden Angel Services administrator for a free consultation at your home. We will be able to better understand your needs and provide you with the best solutions available.

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Set up a free in-home consultation appointment with one of our administrators by calling us !

The majority of our services are eligible for government funding. If you are 70 years of age or older, the Quebec tax system grants you financial assistance in the form of a refundable tax credit. This reimbursement represents 34% of expenses related to home care services. 

Nursing care
Golden Angel Services nursing assistants provide services such as foot care, dressing change, blood sampling, medication administration, pain relief control, and treatment of chronic diseases.

* A division of Golden Angel Services will soon offer a home nursing service for blood sampling in partnership with a medical analysis laboratory. The test results will then be transmitted directly to your doctor within 24 hours. Laboratory testing costs are covered by most insurance companies.

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Call us now for more information !​

Everyday services

Golden Angel Services attendants provide continuous assistance to the elderly, enabling them to maintain their lifestyles and preserve their autonomy through the following services :

Conversation and companionship

We want to break the loneliness cycle and isolation of the elderly by enabling them to have human presence every day. Our home helpers keep company and will offer you intellectual activities, such as reading a book or playing cards. Our staff can also accompany you on daily walks or cultural outings. We offer our services on a daily basis in order to provide presence and comfort, but also to meet the essential need for socialization. 

Private driver and accompany

Golden Angel Services provide a private driver for your various appointments. We can accompany you if needed as well. This service is completely affordable and, above all, safe. We are also equipped with a wheelchair to facilitate mobility when necessary.

Follow-up and organization of appointments

We can schedule your appointments and arrange your timetable. Likewise, we can plan your next meeting with your health care specialists and make sure that everything will go as planned.

Medication reminder

You have a tendency to forget to take your medicine ? This is not a problem anymore with our medication notification reminder service. We will call you as many times a day as needed to make sure that you take your medication.

Support and assistance for caregivers

We know how hard it can be to find the time to take care of your relatives while handling your daily obligations. Therefore, we developed a respite service for caregivers. By entrusting us with certain tasks on a regular basis, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Verification tours

An attendant of Golden Angel Services can visit you at home several times a day to ensure your wellbeing. In addition to this, we offer you the possibly to make a verification tour of your house before bedtime. This service provides reassurance in knowing that everything is in order and that you are safe for the night.

Night supervisions

An attendant can spend the night at your home to ensure your safety if needed. Our wide range of home care services allows you to stay where you feel safe with peace of mind !

24/7 Emergency line

  The Golden Angel Services team is available around the clock, to support you and intervene in the case of an emergency assistance request.

At Golden Angel Services, our priority is to provide optimal support to the elderly and their families. 

Whether you need housekeeping services, help with meal preparation, coaching or specialized care, all of these services are eligible for the tax credits offered by Revenu Quebec. You can claim the tax credit when filling your tax return or applying for advance payments. This way, you do not have to attend the filing of your tax return to get your tax credit.

You can easily choose to stay in the comfort of your home while maintaining your current lifestyle.

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Our team remains at your disposal 24/7 to provide assistance and help in a case of an emergence !